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Joe, 34, teacher

As I child I suffered Scheuermann’s disease which has restricted my mobility and posture as I’ve aged. I am physically fit and enjoy playing sports but still lack postural management. I have been working with Aideen for over three years now and she has successfully taught me to stand correctly, be aware of my posture and improve core stability. Her knowledge is fantastic, she gives instant feedback that corrects any problem areas. As a result I feel more confident in my stance and am able to correct myself during every day life. I would recommend Aideen’s Pilates classes to anyone. 

Maralyn, active retired

I was lucky enough to find Aideen was starting a Pilates class very near I live. That was nearly 4 years ago and I went every week.i was 76 years of age and even though I’m 80 years old now I can honestly say I’m a lot fitter and supple than I was when I started. I persuaded my husband to join me and he will be 84 this week.

We both of us suffer from arthritis but thanks to Aideen we are still quite active.

We continue our weekly classes and and we both have become quite proficient and it’s all thanks to Aideen who gave us a wonderful start.

By the way I have got the results of my new Dexa scan and thanks to Pilates my osteoporoses has had a marked improvement.

Pat, getting younger

I knew Aideen both in a physiotherapy and a class situation. She was always friendly and helpful.

As a teacher she was always friendly and always gave clear and understandable instructions, demonstrating any exercise that I didn't understand. When teaching a class she would make sure that any exercises were suitable and would often give different exercises to members who had different issues. She always cared for the wellbeing and welfare of class members.

As a physiotherapist she made sure that she understood any problems, taking time to discuss my needs. At the end of each session she would give me a written report of what we had done and the recommended exercises so that I could refer back to it during the week.

I found Aideen's expertise and manner perfect for me and I would encourage anyone in need to see her.

Val, lover of travel

From receiving treatment from Aideen in the UK in 2013 for an injury, I have been always been impressed by her professionalism and knowledge.

I continued my rehabilitation with her via a Pilates class she set up for former patients and the local community. I continued

with this until 2017 and until Aideen left the UK.

Aideen ensures she is up to date on all aspects of her craft and this benefits everyone she comes into contact with professionally. I found Aideen empathic, fun and diligent and I am sure she will continue to offer a fantastic service in her home country.

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