Yoga is an ancient philosophy or way of life for many people around the world.

There are said to be 8 limbs of yoga

social attitudes, care for ourselves, postures, breathing, withdrawel of senses, concentration, meditation, bliss.

As a physiotherapist it was the yoga postures and the benefits to the physical body and injury that drew me to yoga teacher training but I am slowly appreciating and finding benefits from exploring the other limbs too.

The aim of YOUtherapies phYsiOGA classes is to introduce you mainly to the physical part of the practice, that is the ásana practice, with an emphasis on the breathing and staying focussed and present mentally. Yinyása yoga is the style taught, which is a fairly strong practice with plenty of standing work, moving with the pace of your breath. All of our ásana classes finish with some meditation.

I hope to be able to help guide you deeper into the other aspects of yoga as my own experience and knowledge grows.

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